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"Canon", no rock da Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Uma das fabulosas e mais expressivas versões da "Canon" aparece no rock da Trans-Siberian Orchestra. É a "Christmas Canon Rock", que apareceu no CD "Christmas Eve and Other Stories".
Como na versão coral dos meninos, ouvimos "Canon" intensamente cantada, só que na possante voz da Jennifer Cella.
"This night
We pray
Our lives will show
This dream he had
Each child
Still knows
We are waiting
We have not forgotten
On this night
On this night
On this night
On this very christmas night
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Em "Customer Review" apareceu um comentário de Sean Paruka,
"November 16, 2004
By Sean Parauka
For the Trans-Siberian Orhcestra I have this Christmas CD and "Christmas Eve and Other Stories." Out of the two, I do have to say that "Christmas Eve" is the better choice. This CD is a pretty good CD to have but lacks the power that the first CD had. Overall, the album has great guitar riffs, drum beats and the power of the music is unbeatable.
This album does have a lot of spirit to it and is full of holiday cheer. The opening intrumental of "Faith Noel" is outstanding. It does sound similar to Jimmy Hendrix's guitar version of the "Star Spangled Banner."
The guitar riffs are extremely full blown over the top and out of this world. The next intrumental is "Wizards In Winter." This is a great instrumental. It is a high point to the album. The riffs are real heavy and gothic. Another great instrumental is "Christmas Jam." This is the Orchestra just jamming away showing off their Christmas spirit. Great guitar solos and drum beats on this one. My personal favorite instrumental is "Siberian Sleigh Ride." My favorite part about this tune is the guitar riffs. The solo is really on the classic lose style and sounds like something that Ace Frehley of KISS of Mick Mars of Motley Crue would play. The last intrumental of the album, "Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)" is fairly decent. Not a bad instrumental but it is at the bottom of the album's instrumentals.
The only good song with lyrics and singing is "Christmas Canon Rock." A very talented woman sings this tune and it is a great closer to the albums. Her voice is very emotional and the guitar solos throughout the song are phenomenal. This is another personal favorite of mine. The reason why I did not review any other of the songs with singing and lyrics is because to me they all fall under par. I think basically only the instrumentals and "Christmas Canon Rock" keep the album alive. It does fall under par with its predecessor.
For those looking to buy this CD, I do recommend listening the clips of all the songs before purchase. Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!"

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